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This is a brief example of key services we provide. Be mindful that your project may require a few or several of these services.

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Assessment or Survey Development

Are you seeking to capture a profile or needs assessment for your community? If so, a custom survey would be great. Or are you looking to measure a behavior, attitude, experience, or ability? If so, a custom assessment would be best.

Data Analysis

Do you have data that needs to be analyzed? We can do that for you. Whether qualitative or quantitative.

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Research Design & Data Collection

Are you curious about something? We can help you design the project, apply for funding (if applicable), and collect data.

Research/Psychometric Consultation

or Grantwriting

Do you have a research project, program/service, or analyzed data that you need assistance thinking through?Do you require assistance writing a proposal for a grant? We can work with you to identify the meaning and problematic areas in your work or to develop the descriptive sections of your grant.

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Do you need to evaluate your program or service? We can help!

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