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Here are a few examples of current and previous projects.

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Research Design & Assessment Development: 

Black Women & Self-Care

Teacher and Young Student

Psychometric Services: 

Reading Ability

This project involved evaluating existing data to determine if the tests developed by the client were reliable and valid.

Teacher Assisting a Student


Course Student Learning Outcomes

This project required examining the content of the course and measuring the ability of students to determine if the course was meeting its stated objectives.

This project was a mixed method study on self-care for Black women. It involved research design, data collection, data analysis, curriculum development, as well as the development of an assessment to measure self-care in Black women.

Hip Hop Fashion

Data Analysis:

The Impact of Gentrification and Generational Poverty

This project involved synthesizing already collected qualitative data into a narrative about the experiences of Black people in an urban city during gentrification.

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